Kamis, 22 Desember 2016

Dream of Hope

There is something about the wisdom in proverbs that I love. Maybe it is the history. Maybe it is the universality of them.

This French proverb is particularly wonderful. It explains what hope is so eloquently. Hope isn’t wishing. A pie-in-the-sky thought. Hope is the faith that something is just a little better. That things are going to be better. That the sun is still going to rise even after the darkest day.

Having hope isn’t disengaging from your reality, rather it is consequence of being alive. A wish can be to fly on a magic carpet or to have a million dollars. You hope for a better tomorrow, because that is how you know today was worth it.

In essence, as long as your soul is awake, you can have hope. Or maybe if you can hold on to hope, your soul stays alive. I’m kind of big on holding on to hope. It’s how I have survived the CRPS with a smile.